Yin & Yang in Harmony

8 Days Retreat with Claudia Triebe

Sep08 - 15 2018

Strengthen and decelerate yourself in this fast-paced time. Sweep powerfully and relaxed into everyday life back. Fill up with energy and let your soul dangle in this harmonious environment directly at the Croatian coast. Enjoy strengthening and invigorating vinyasa flows: Flowing yoga sequences in harmony with breathing. Discover the healing effects of a yin practice that relieves headaches and reduces stress, even in unfamiliar surroundings. In addition to a yoga practice in the morning and afternoon as well as two special offers at noon, is enough time for own activities: Hiking though the forest, refreshing in the sea, sailing, diving and snorkeling trips. 

Two organised and jointly organised excursions to astonish places in the region offer a special view of the surroundings.


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Day 1

Arrival Day

04:30pm First acquaintance, introduction of the Yoga styles, 

5:00pm Gentle Vinyasa Flow with concluding Yin Positions (90min), 

07:00pm Dinner


Day 2

08:30am Vinyasa Flow (90min) 

10:00am Breakfast, exploring the surroundings, swimming, walking, sailing, diving etc.,

05:00pm Yin-Yoga (90min)

07:00pm Dinner


Day 3

08:30am Vinyasa Flow 90', breakfast, organised excursion into the surroundings,

05:00pm Yang & Yin Yoga (90min)

07:00pm Dinner


Day 4

06:00am Hike in the silence before sunrise, Sunrise: Pranayama and Meditation, Gentle Vinyasa Flow (60min)

10:00am Breakfast

01:00pm Refinement of technique - individual design

05:00pm Yin Yoga (90min), anti-stress

07:00pm Dinner


Day 5

8:30am Vinyasa Flow (90min)

10:00am Breakfast, Excursion

05:00pm Yang & Yin-Yoga (90min)

07:00pm Dinner


Day 6

08:30am Vinyasa Flow (90min)

10:00am Breakfast,

01:00pm Yoga Therapy - options and opportunities

05:00pm - Yin-Yoga (90min)

07:00pm Dinner


Day 7

06:00am Walk in silence before sunrise, Sunrise: Pranayama and meditation, Yin Yoga (60min)

10:00am Breakfast, then free time

05:00pm Yang & Yin-Yoga (90min)

07:00pm Dinner


Day 8

Departure Day

10:00am Breakfast, Farewell


Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate


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Arrival airports:

Split (SPU) or Zadar (ZAD)

We glady help planning your journey to us with you and offer private airport transfer


Info & Contact:

Iva Deković

Tel.: +49  157 833 62 572