Über uns

Danka Milinović

Yin Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, LuYong , Shiatsu, Wim-Hof Methodology


Danka MIlinovic was born in Dusseldorf / GermanySince 15 years she's living in Croatia on Hvar Island. Since her youth she lives and works as a free Artist. She as well since years actively is studying Yoga and invests in her growth. She took part in the two years Zenit Yoga Program (RTS 200) with Lea Lončar und Nikola Drviš Grk, and as well is teaching Yin Yoga, LuYong, meditation-, Pranayama- and Shiatsu. Danka is holding breathing-courses acc. to the Wim-Hof-MethodologyShe currently teaches in "Yoga Hvar" Studio.


"For me Yoga is the unification of body, soul and spirit. The consciouss breathing in the now. I love art and live Yoga as art of life. I'm looking very much forward to meet and to practice Yoga together with you to laugh and to move together with you!


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