Beatz & Yoga

Grounding Yoga Flow

Iva Deković

Choreographer, Dancing & Yoga Instructor, Vinyasa, Hatha, Grounding Yoga Flow


"Beatz & Yoga" is a very dynamic Yoga style. It is physically and mentally demanding and increases concentration and attentiveness. It combines movement, Asanas and breathing techniques seaminglessly with each other. The focus is put on expression, coordination, groove and energy. With the right beat body and rhythm are melted into one.


We will work with power, weight, flow, space and time. Fine tuning of the body is the goal. Out of elements of Hip Hop Dancing like crumping, stomping, chest popping and arm swinging, we will flow directly into the sun salutation. So called „grounding moves“ inspired by Afrobeats and Dancehall will stimulate your foot work (Pada Bandha), ballance, coordination and the agility of your hips.


Elements of popping combined with Vinyasa moves, strengthen the ability of the body for isolations. The alternation between muscle tension and muscle relaxation creates the flow in your body. Sequences are done on the beat and will be combined with Asana moves and positions. Different positions are varied resulting in a harmonic and creative flow of the body movement.


The Yoga sequences at “Beatz & Yoga” are accompanied by beats played by a DJ (Hip-Hop, Reggae, Afrobeat, Trap). For meditation, relaxing excercises and breathing techniques (Pranayama) binaural beats are used to stimulate the brain waves.


Beatz & Yoga - Asana & Meditation on the Beat.


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Fon: +49 157 833 62 572