Radka Exnar

Yoga Therapy, Hormone Yoga, Hatha & Yin Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Yoga-Nidra

 ''I know from my own experience that yoga is very effective for the body and mind, and I know from my regular practice of Hormone Yoga Therapy that this exercise is a very effective way how to balance, harmonize and optimize the hormonal system without using any medicaments''. 

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Radka started with Hormone Yoga practice nine years ago because of imbalanced female hormones causing infertility. She was nearly 40 and doctors told her, that the level of hormones in her body is closer to menopause rather than the possibility of getting pregnant, and if she would get pregnant the natural way without the help of hormonal drugs or pills, it will be a miracle. 

So she learned the unique routine of Hormone Yoga Therapy and started to practice it almost every day and believed it would help. Not even a year later the miracle became reality, she got pregnant! Today she is a happy mom and still keeps practising the routine at least four times a week to keep the hormonal system in harmony, eliminate the symptoms of 'coming soon' menopause, strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate her body and release stress.


  ''Dear ladies, I'm looking forward to each of you who comes to join my Hormonal Balance Yoga Retreat. You will learn the series of simple but very effective exercises (routines), which will enable you to start your own practice to bring a shiny smile on your face, make you feel fresh and youthful, and will let your hormonal imbalance or unpleasant menopause symptoms disappear''.