Iva Deković

Choreographer, Dancing & Yoga Instructor, Vinyasa, Hatha


It is a wide spread stereotype that Yoga is just for esoterics. But new and current forms of Yoga put their emphasis rather on strengthening physical exercises, powerful positioning and relaxing breathing techniques. 


The self-consciousness of Yoga and the dynamics and flowing moves of the Dancing inspired me to develop a concept that unifies the both: “Grounding Yoga-flow”! If those two elements come together the result will be a more consciouss handling of the body. To achieve this I use several techniques and esthetic forms.


"Grounding Yoga-flow" is a very dynamic Yoga style. It is physically and mentally demanding and increases concentration and attentiveness. It combines movement, Asanas and breathing techniques seaminglessly with each other. The focus is put on expression, coordination, groove and energy. With the right beat body and rhythm are melted into one.


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