Oliver Köhn

Yog teacher, Geographer, Hatha-Yoga

„The Yogi through yoga enjoys yoga for a very long time.“


Through delving into the yoga world great potential could be opened up. One's own development is the most important way to go in one's life. Yoga helps to gain more ease, stamina, power, deepness, clearness, courage and inner wideness. In the end you will lead yourself intuitively and will find your own truth leading to liberation.



Since my yoga education I have lead many courses and lessons with the focus on the development of the sense for the self. The work with the own body and soul followed by emergence of patience and resonance on a subtle level are enriching results of my work. I see myself as a giver of impulses for the participants and would like to convey the understanding enabling the participant to continue on this way by himself.



Breath, relaxation and focus are time and again consciously adressed and trainable main elements of my lessons. The chakra theory structurizes direct energy work on and with the body.  A more conscious approach to yourself and thus also to others can contribute to a deeper attitude and a happier life.