Relaxing Yoga & Energy Work

6 Day Retreat with Alexandra Rigano

Oct11 - 16 2022


6 Days for Yourself! Yoga, sun, meditation, sea, silence, quiet, friendly people, good conversations, walks and pure relaxation. Switch off and enjoy! The topic of this journey is Hatha yoga and the Chakras in the energy work. The meditations and Yoga lessons will take place at the Sub-Art Yoga in-house Yoga shala. 



Yoga stimulates the parasymphaticus resulting in an relaxing impulse. The body can re-energize and regenerate. Hatha yoga helps to release stress and it sets the ressources free to prevent stress. It also helps to harmonize the ego, frees your talents and offers the feeling of belonging to a greater entity. Both yoga and Buddhism describe the energy centres of the body as chakras. the body is said to have seven main centres of energy settled along the spine / mid line of the human being. Chakras are the most important weight points of the human energy system.


Additional impulses will be given according to the chakra topic of the day. It's possible to deepen those during the course of the day if you like. All offers are voluntarily. You will design your timing yourself. I will just help to recognize, observe, get to know and better understand your energy centres. Daily stimulations about mindfulness and inner observation invite you to work with yourself. 



Yoga instructor: Alexandra Rigano 

Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate   

Language: German



Day 1

14:00 Arrival

18:30 Meeting & Introduction


Day 2

07:00 Meditation (optional)

09:00 Yoga and intension for the Day

17:30 Chakra Lesson (Chakra Root and Sakral Chakra), Yoga


Day 3

05:00 Walking meditation to the Chapell, Sunrise Yoga

17:30 Chakra Lesson (Solarplexus and Heart Chakra), Yoga


Day 4

07:00 Meditation (optional)

09:00 Yoga and Intension for the Day

16:30 Chakra Lesson (Neck, Forehead & Crown Chakra)

18:00 Yoga


Day 5

07:00 Meditation (optional)

09:00 Yoga and intension for the Day

12:00 Boat trip (optional)

18:00 Meditation


Day 6

07.00 Chakra Meditation (optional)

09:00 Yoga & Farewell

12:00 Departure


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Things to do (optional)


You can individually book, Reiki treatments, single coaching, Thai yoga massage, Chakra-painting course with your teacher


Boat tour:

During your free time, you can enjoy a boat tour, with prices depending on the route. The boat trip is a panoramic cruise with stops at neighbouring destinations of interest and beautiful islands. You will visit 2300-year-old Trogir, which was founded by the ancient Greeks and later under the rule of Rome and Venice. In 1997, the complete old town of Trogir was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Next is Mulo lighthouse at the entrance to Rogoznica Archipelago. One of the oldest active red lanterns of its kind, It was built by the Austro-Hungarian navy in 1873. On the way there, it is not uncommon to meet dolphins.


City trips:

Sub-Art Yoga offers day trips to world heritage cities Split (Palace of Diocletian), Šibenik (Venetian fortification system) and Trogir (complete old town). 


Trip to Krka Waterfalls:

Sub-Art Yoga can also organize a day trip to National Park Krka Waterfalls, if you are interested, hiking trips are possible as well.


SUP (Stand-Up-Paddling):

Stand-Up-Paddling lessons including equipment rental.


What's included

* Yoga Instructor

* Yoga, meditation, sun salutation sessions

* 5 nights accommodation

* WiFi

* Tourist Tax

* Parking


What's not included

* Wellness, Reiki treatments, single coaching, Thai yoga massage, Chakra-painting course

* City trips to world heritage sites Split (Palace of Diocletian),

Šibenik (Venetian fortification system) and Trogir (complete old town)

* Boat trip

* Trip to Krka Waterfalls

* Airport transfer


Arrival airports

Split (SPU) or Zadar (ZAD)


We glady help planning your journey to us with you and offer private airport transfer


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