Hiking & Yoga

5 Day Retreat with Tatjana Bračanov

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Your body, mind and soul craving for a break and peace? You are fan of outdoor activities in magical landscapes want to immerse yourself in awareness and like to connect with the raw nature? Then check our new „Hike & Yoga“ retreat and let your body relax, your mind calm down and your spirit break free. This retreat is suitable for everyone, wether you have no perevious experience in practicing yoga and hiking or you are a true expert.


You want to combine your love for hiking with an unforgettable yoga retreat? You can imagine to do your yoga infront of a picturesque and breathtaking panorama? You think hiking under the bright Mediterranean sun is a meaningful addition to the holistic experience of your yoga?


You will find all you wish for in Ražanj, the perfect spot in Croatia for both hiking and yoga. While breathing the healthy salty air and feeling the sea breeze on your skin you will enjoy the stunning view of the bay. Relax by the sea and swim in the rejuvenating and stress relieving sea water!


The benefits of yoga will work hand in hand with exploring the rocky and beautiful trails of the Dinaric Alps. It’s the perfect way to achieve great results without straining one's body! Yoga will get your body into the correct alignment. Moving slowly and focusing on your breathing helps you to listen and to connect to your body, making sure you always respect its boundaries.This is a great tool to balance the physical demands of hiking!


About zen yoga

Zen yoga is a form of yoga based on principles of a school of Chinese buddhism called chan, or in Japanese zen. In zen yoga, three particularly significant practices are applied, which represent a model of wholeness or a model of complete approach to life, namely: bringing the body into order, bringing the breath into order and bringing the mind into order. 


As a discipline of bringing the body, breath and mind into a balanced state, zen yoga uses a wide range of body positions, breathing exercises, diagnostics, corrective exercises, massage and meditation. It includes elements of hatha yoga, but also many Chinese Qigong exercises. 


Please bring the following personal equipment for hiking to your retreat:  

- Hiking shoes (shoes with good grip) 

- Backpack for food and beverages (for excursion days)

- Comfortable shirt (first layer) and pants, fleece or similar second layer, jacket

- Spare clothes and socks 

- Head covering (hat, cap, or similar)

- Gloves

- Sun glasses 

- Walking sticks (optional) 



Yoga Instructor & Hiking Guide: Tatjana Bračanov

Skill level: Beginner, intermediate, advanced

Retreat language: English



Day 1 

Arrival day

2:00 p.m. - Arrival 

6:00 p.m. - Welcome meeting & gentle 'aftertravel' yoga class


Day 2

8:00 a.m. - Morning Qigong routine

9:00 a.m. - Out & about trail (Ražanj - Rogoznica - Ražanj) incl. yoga session 

7:00 p.m. - Evening Qigong routine with yoga and zazen 


Day 3 

Hiking with yoga (full day incl. yoga session)

8.00 a.m. - Departure

7:00 p.m. - Evening Qigong routine and zazen (optional) 


Day 4

Hiking with yoga (half day incl. yoga session)

8:00 a.m. - Morning Qigong routine

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Hiking Trip to the Krka waterfalls (National Park) 

7:00 p.m. Evening Qigong routine with yoga and zazen 


Day 5

Farewell Day 

8:00 a.m. Morning Qigong routine

11:00 a.m. - Farewell & departure


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Things to do (optional)

Thai massage:

Outside of the regular retreat program, we offer Thai massages (Nuad Bo Rarn) for additional relaxation.


SUP (stand-up paddling):

SUP equipment can be rented on site.



Sub-Art Yoga offers wellness (massages and physiotherapy) during the retreats. Times can be arranged individualy with the therapist and fitted into the daily schedule of yoga and other activities.


Boat tour:

During your free time, you can enjoy a boat tour, with prices depending on the route. The boat trip is a panoramic cruise with stops at neighbouring destinations of interest and beautiful islands. You will visit 2300-year-old Trogir, which was founded by the ancient Greeks and later under the rule of Rome and Venice. In 1997, the complete old town of Trogir was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Next is Mulo lighthouse at the entrance to Rogoznica Archipelago. One of the oldest active red lanterns of its kind, It was built by the Austro-Hungarian navy in 1873. On the way there, it is not uncommon to meet dolphins.


City trips:

Sub-Art Yoga offers day trips to world heritage cities Split (Palace of Diocletian), Šibenik (Venetian fortification system) and Trogir (complete old town). 


What's included

- Guided hiiking trips incl. costs for van, gas 

- Hike & tour guide

- Entrance fee Krka National Park

- Daily Yoga classes and meditation

- Yoga & Qigong teacher   

- 4 nights accommodation

- Tourist Tax 

- WiFi

- Parking


What's not included

- Personal hiking equipment

- Food and beverages for the hikes

- Entrance ticket for National Park Krka

- Boat ticket Skradin - Buk - Skradin

- Transfer fee 

- Thai massage

SUP-Board rental

- Boat trip

- City trips

- Airport transfer


Arrival airport

Split (SPU)

We glady help planning your journey to us with you and offer private airport transfer


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