Dance & Yoga

4 Day Yoga Holiday with Iva Deković

Sep08 - Sep11 2022


You love to dance and like to practice Yoga? You always wanted to combine the both? Then we recommend this Dance & Yoga Holiday in sunny Ražanj. Through the connection of rhythm, movement and Asanas, combined with the special mediterranean way of live you will harmonize your body and your soul. The rushing sea, sound bath, meditation and the direct view on the bay from our Yoga Shala, let you refuel your energy and forget your everyday life. The combination of Yoga & Dance opens fully new aspects of life.


 After the five-days-break you will have returned to yourself - grounded and refreshed!



This Dance & Yoga retreat connects elements of Vinyasa Yoga, Shadow Yoga, grounding flows of Afro-Dance, as well as Pranayama techniques and meditation. The Yoga sequences of the retreat are accompanied by different beats and music. Binaural beats (sound bath) are used for meditation, Yin Yoga excercises and breathing techniques, to stimulate the brain waves. At the retreat we will work with power, weight, flow, space and time. Fine tuning of the body is the goal.


Elements of Shadow Yoga (a mix of Asanas, Vinyasa, dynamic excercises of the martial arts, Tai Chi and traditional Indian dances) are incorporated into the retreat. Out of elements of Hip Hop Dance like crumping, stomping, chest popping and arm swinging, we will flow directly into the sun salutation. So called „grounding moves“ inspired by Afrobeats and Dancehall will stimulate your foot work (Pada Bandha), balance, coordination and the agility of your hips.


The alternation between muscle tension and muscle relaxation creates the flow in your body. Sequences are executed on the beat and will be combined with Asana moves and positions. Different positions are varied resulting in a harmonic and creative flow of the body movement. Dance & Meditation on the Beat.



* Daily Yoga and Dancing classes

* Daily meditation session

* Meditative walk to the chapell at "Punta Planka"

* Location right by the sea

* In-house Yoga shala overlooking the bay open 24/7 for your use



Yoga instructor: Iva Deković

 Skill level: For beginners, for intermediates

Language: English / German



Day 1

14:00 Arrival

18:30 Welcome & introduction


Day 2

9:00 Grounding / Elevation, Vinyasa-flow w/ Dance components

17:30 Yin Yoga w/ Dance components, meditation (sound bath) and breathing technique (Pranayama)


Day 3

9:00 Shadow Yoga Karanas w/ Dance components

17:00 - 19:30 Meditative walk to the chapell “Punta Planka”, Sunset meditation and breathing technique (Pranayama)


Day 4

09:00 Vinyasa-flow w/ Dance components, farewell

12:00 Departure


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Things to do (optional) 

Thai massage:

Besides the regular retreat schedule it will be possible to arrange private Thai massages (Nuad Bo Rarn) for additional relaxation.


Boat tour:

During your free time, you can enjoy a boat tour, with prices depending on the route. The boat trip is a panoramic cruise with stops at neighbouring destinations of interest and beautiful islands. You will visit 2300-year-old Trogir, which was founded by the ancient Greeks and later under the rule of Rome and Venice. In 1997, the complete old town of Trogir was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Next is Mulo lighthouse at the entrance to Rogoznica Archipelago. One of the oldest active red lanterns of its kind, It was built by the Austro-Hungarian navy in 1873. On the way there, it is not uncommon to meet dolphins.


City trips:

Sub-Art Yoga offers day trips to world heritage cities Split (Palace of Diocletian), Šibenik (Venetian fortification system) and Trogir (complete old town). 


Trip to Krka Waterfalls:

Sub-Art Yoga can also organize a day trip to National Park Krka Waterfalls, if you are interested, hiking trips are possible as well.



What's included

* Daily Yoga and Dance lessons

* Meditation (sound bath)

* Meditative walk to the chapell "Punta Planka"

* Accomodation

* Free WiFi

* Tourist tax


What's not included

* Thai massage

* Boat trip

* City trips / day trips to world heritage sites Split (Palace of Diocletian),

Šibenik (Venetian fortification system) and Trogir (complete old town)

* Day trip to National Park “Krka”

* Airport transfer


Arrival airports

Split (SPU) or Zadar (ZAD)


We gladly help planning your journey to us with you and offer private airport transfer


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