Relaxing Qigong, Yoga & Sound Therapy

4 Day Yoga Holiday with Iva Deković

May16 - May19 2024 * Jun13 - Jun16 2024 * Sep05 - Sep08 2024 * Oct03 - Oct06 2024


Yoga is good, dancing too!

Yoga and dance are the ideal combination for holistic movement. It's about feeling yourself because there is no right or wrong way to dance. With music and dance you can reduce stress, with yoga and accompanying breathing techniques you can calm down. With the help of the Yoga Flow we want to go on a musical journey. We won’t practice ready-made dance techniques.


The combination of yoga and dance not only improves your mobility, coordination skills and posture, but also gives you a cardiovascular training. Music has the energy to touch us emotionally, dance relieves stress. The beat gives us the impulse to move, melody the inspiration.


"Whoever can walk can dance"

African proverb


In modern western culture we are given clichés and labels that dance must be learned in order to be allowed to practice. Aside from dance techniques that prioritize their aesthetics, dancing is first and foremost about expressing yourself, feeling and being present in the moment. The rhythm of the music affects blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and body temperature.


Through my dance education studies, I got to know the “Laban Body Theory”, which helped me to integrate this knowledge into my yoga classes and then to develop an interplay of various dance elements, Shaolin Qigong and yoga in practice. The combination of yoga, dance and Qigong elements promotes a strong and conscious center of the body, a flexible spine, legs and arms, and free breathing. This is the basic requirement for the free flow of Qi (life energy).


With the help of the following techniques we will create a balance between energy and calm

- Energetic Yoga with elements of Vinyasa Flow and Shadow Yoga

- Laban techniques (dance body theory)

- Gentle Hatha and Yin Yoga

- Elements from the Qigong teachings

- Breathing Techniques & Meditation

- Sound therapy

- Soundbatth & Sound Bowls


Qigong massage exercises to stay healthy

The Qigong massage was developed by the Chinese doctor and martial arts master Hu Yaozhen. It is an efficient self-massage program that helps to leave everyday stress behind. Stress-related tension and blockages in the abdominal organs are released, restful, peaceful and deep sleep sets in. The regulation of body and mind happens through attunement. The attunement brings body and mind into a harmonious connection.


Meditation, body scan and sound bath are accompanied by Mariana, our sound therapist. The modules mentioned unfold a very positive influence on health.


Effects of sound therapy

- Relieves tension on all levels, mobilizes self-healing powers and releases creative energies

- Promotes body detoxification

- Helps with stress reduction

- Supportive in pain therapy

- Strengthens basic trust

- Causes deep relaxation, supports and improves body awareness

- Enables access to unused resources, strengthens self-confidence, creativity, creative power and motivation


In addition to the regular program, Mariana also offers private sound bowl massages.



- Daily yoga classes accompanied by music

- Revitalizing Qigong massage technique

- Daily meditation sessions (breathing technique)

- Body scan and soundbath with singing bowls

- Meditative walk to the chapel at Cape Punta Planka

- Accommodation and yoga practice right by the sea

- In-house yoga shala overlooking the bay, open for use 24 hours a day



Teacher: Iva Deković und Mariana Januschewski

Level: For beginners, for experts

Language of instruction: German / English



Day 1



Welcome and introduction


Day 2

 "Ground yourself"

09:00 - 11:00am

Revitalizing Qigong massage / Padabanda (foot activation)

Holistic movement in yoga flow to music - Vinyasa, Qigong, Shadow Yoga

Body scan and sound bath with singing bowls


05:30 p.m. - 07:30pm

Cooldownskillz - Gentle Yin Yoga, Qigong Massage, stretching

Meditation & Soundbath with singing bowls


Day 3

"Qi - Unfold life energy"

09:00 - 11:00am

Energetic yoga in flow to the music

Kapalabati (breathing technique), mobilization of the upper body


Elements from Vinyasa, Qigong and Shadow Yoga

Revitalizing Qigong massage

Soundbath accompanied by singing bowls


05:30 p.m. - 07:30pm

Cooldownskillz - Gentle Yin Yoga, stretching, stretching

Body scan and sound bath with singing bowls


Day 4

“Feel good in your own body”

09:00 - 11:00am

Revitalizing Qigong massage

Dynamic yoga flows and pranyama to music

Body scan and sound bath with singing bowls



Farewell and departure


For complete retreat info please click here


Additional activities (on request)

Thai massage:

Outside of the regular retreat program, we offer Thai massages (Nuad Bo Rarn) for additional relaxation.


SUP (stand-up paddling):

SUP equipment can be rented on site.


Boat trip:

During free time, a boat tour can be taken, the price of which depends on the route chosen. The boat trip is a so-called panoramic trip that visits interesting destinations in the neighborhood and beautiful small islands. Examples are the 2300-year-old Trogir, founded by the Ancient Greeks and later under Roman and Venetian rule, since it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997, as well as the Mulo lighthouse, at the entrance to the Rogoznica archipelago, one of the oldest active ones Towers in the Mediterranean, built in 1873 by the Imperial and Royal Navy. On the way there it is not uncommon to see dolphins.


City trips:

Sub-Art Yoga offers day trips to world heritage cities Split (Palace of Diocletian), Šibenik (Venetian fortification system) and Trogir (complete old town). 


Trip to Krka Waterfalls:

Sub-Art Yoga can also organize a day trip to National Park Krka Waterfalls, if you are interested, hiking trips are possible as well.


What's included

- Daily Yoga-, Qigong- & Laban-lessons

- Singing bowls meditation (Sound bath)

- Self-massages & Qigong techniques

- Breathing techniques (Pranayama)

- Meditation & relaxing techniques

- Yoga shala open for free use 24/7 incl. mats & blocks

- Meditative walk to the chapel at "Punta Planka"

- Direct access to the sea


- Private jetty

- 4 nights Accomodation

- WiFi

- Tourist tax

- Parking


What's not included

- Thai massage

- SUP equipment rental

- Boat trip

- City trips / day trips to world heritage sites Split (Palace of Diocletian),

Šibenik (Venetian fortification system) and Trogir (complete old town)

- Day trip to National Park “Krka”

- Airport transfer


Arrival airport

Split (SPU)


We gladly help planning your journey to us with you and offer private airport transfer


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